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3 Ways a Modern, Cloud ERP Can Help Reduce Costs

June 8, 2022

Higher education institutions with legacy systems often face substantial limitations—siloed data, slow processes, high maintenance fees, and...

Examining the IDC Report: What Can a Cloud SIS Do for Your Campus?

May 18, 2022

For many institutions, a student information system (SIS) is the most important piece of software on campus. These systems are an integral p...

Student Enrollment

How an ERP Built for Higher Ed Can Help Combat the Enrollment Crisis

April 20, 2022

As pandemic-related aid concludes, many colleges and universities find themselves once again facing declining enrollments and precarious fin...

How Higher Education ERPs Maximize Institutional Resources

March 23, 2022

Higher education has had its share of challenges in the past few years, all of which have left many institutions with their resources stretc...


How to Evaluate and Qualify Cloud Providers for Higher Ed

August 19, 2020

With the closing of schools this past spring and the subsequent move to remote learning and working, the higher education industry witnessed...


Migrating to the Cloud is Increasingly Essential for Survival

July 1, 2020

Cloud computing has become essential in the modern world. Recently, it has played a critical role in keeping us all connected during the COV...

Student Engagement

Is There a Rise in Competency-Based Education Programs?

April 15, 2020

Interest in competency-based education (CBE) is ramping up across the U.S. as schools look for ways to serve the needs of working adults and...

Future-Proofing Your Organization with Managed Services

February 12, 2020

Higher education IT demands are growing as student and user expectations change, regardless if an institution has stagnant or shrinking budg...


The Benefits of a Connected Campus

January 22, 2020

In order to remain efficient in today’s connected higher education landscape, institutions must integrate their student information systems,...

Higher Education Trends

Four New Higher Ed ERP Trends

October 30, 2019

Higher education is in a new era of cost-cutting and institutions are reviewing internal processes as well as enterprise resource planning (...


Multiply Fundraising Success by Using Data Analytics

October 16, 2019

Data-driven analytics can be leveraged across higher education to improve institutional financial health, increase student success, and even...

Higher Education

Institutions Should Use Analytics to Monitor and Improve Financial Health and Success

September 25, 2019

Data-driven decision-making is critical to achieving institutional success in higher education. In a previous blog, we talked about how anal...


Building the Case for a Unified Student Information System

September 18, 2019

Higher education institutions require unified student information systems in order to give their students seamless access to information and...

Enhancing Academic Planning for Better Student Success

September 4, 2019

Academic advising has always been an essential factor in student success. But changing student demographics, declining enrollments, and rete...