Jenzabar SONIS
Jenzabar SONIS

Jenzabar SONIS

Student Information System

A Scalable Student System Designed for Campus Growth

Jenzabar SONIS is a powerful and configurable cloud student information system that enables specialized and growing institutions to improve staff efficiency, student engagement, and institutional success. With specialized functionality for medical, faith-based, career, and technical schools, and international and continuing education programs, Jenzabar SONIS helps growing institutions do more with less. 

With Jenzabar SONIS, you can power your admissions, registration, grading, billing, course management, financial aid, and other administrative departments. Enable your students to apply online, register for courses, pay bills, conduct degree audits—and more—at any time, from any device.

One of the top benefits for us is just how easy it is to use Jenzabar SONIS; it’s easy to teach, and it’s easy to learn. But the other thing I appreciate is just how much leverage you get out of Jenzabar SONIS for the dollars you’re spending. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Austin Blair
Director of Admissions
Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

Jenzabar SONIS Powers Your Campus

Recruitment and Admissions

Jenzabar SONIS can be configured to personalize and automate the way you connect with students.

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Student Information

Jenzabar SONIS provides in-depth insight into students, allowing you to view and update biographic records in real time and closely monitor your students’ academic journeys.

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Student Billing

Jenzabar SONIS supports flexible billing capabilities so you can handle a variety of enrollment scenarios.

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How Your Student Information System Can Power Strategic and Institutional Decision-Making

Audiobook: What 7 Questions Should You Ask When Buying a Student Information System

Audiobook: What 7 Questions Should You Ask When Buying a Student Information System

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Product Sheet: Jenzabar SONIS

Product Sheet: Jenzabar SONIS

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