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While higher education institutions have access to more information than ever before, the challenges associated with managing and making use of the deluge of data from myriad channels and platforms can be overwhelming. You need to get better control over your data so you can make more informed decisions and take action. Jenzabar Analytics allows you to centralize data from disparate sources and gives you access to innovative tools that empower you to assess, understand, and use data to your advantage.

Jenzabar Analytics allows you to ask deeper questions, dig into trends and their causes, make projections, discover opportunities, and take actions that will drive institutional and student success. Its robust data analytics capabilities put you in control of how you use your data. With a host of easy-to-use dashboards and visualization tools, Jenzabar Analytics allows decision-makers on your team to leverage your data as a strategic resource.

Jenzabar Analytics comprises three core components: Program Insights Model, Financial Health Model, and Data Cloud. The Program Insights Model gives you deep insight into student performance metrics and the overall financial health of your academic programs with the click of a button. The Financial Health Model digs into your institution’s fiscal well-being by looking at your Composite Financial Index, net operating revenue, and other key performance indicators. The Data Cloud aggregates and stores a configurable daily snapshot of your data, as well as data from third-party sources, in a cloud-based data lake that is unique to your institution.


  • Uncover trends, causes, and opportunities
  • Gain insight to make informed decisions and take action
  • Provide information transparency and unite campus leadership to common goals using shared information
  • Standardize data for internal consistency and benchmark against industry or specific market segment norms
  • Strengthen your academic program portfolio to maximize student success and institutional sustainability
  • Monitor the short- and long-term financial well-being of your institution using industry-recognized best practices
  • Centralize data storage in a secure, private, cloud-based data lake

Jenzabar Analytics

We have experts in data science who can look at your data, fully understand it, and help you answer some of those important analytical questions across the board. Your CFO can really look at things and understand their composite financial index, their debt burden ratio—all these important ratios and metrics of how your institution is doing.

Meghan Turjanica
Product Manager

Jenzabar Analytics is a comprehensive set of data analytics and visualization tools that enables higher education campus leaders to make informed decisions and take actions to achieve their goals

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