National College of Natural Medicine: Leveraging SONIS to Support Student Growth and Expansion

Success Story

Discover how National College of Natural Medicine leverages Jenzabar SONIS to support rapid student growth and expansion.

The college’s rapid expansion means a more robust student community, increased educational opportunities, and, most importantly, more lives changed through education. An enrollment increase of that size also means a swell in administrative workload. Yet, NCNM’s Registrar’s Office has only added one part-time position in the midst of this surge. How is that possible? NCNM managed its growth with Jenzabar® SONIS, a powerful yet cost effective student information system that improves efficiencies, enhances security, and simplifies tasks across campus.

National College of Natural Medicine: Achieving a 50% enrollment growth and 400% program increase with Jenzabar SONIS

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