Technology Partnerships: Why Building Strong Relationships Drives Institutional Success

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What can small and specialized schools accomplish when they fully leverage technology partnerships?

Traditionally in higher education, relationships with technology vendors are intentionally brief, wrapping up quickly after implementation. Today, many smaller, specialized institutions—especially those with lean administrative departments—are taking a different approach to technology partnerships by building lasting relationships that positively impact day-to-day and strategic operations.

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Dr. Brian Schmisek, Provost and Vice President of Development and Marketing at University of Saint Mary of the Lake, sits down with Jenzabar’s Chris Myers to discuss the symbiotic and valuable relationship his campus has with Jenzabar. Schmisek also details the challenges that can arise at specialized institutions and how technology and training can empower staff to overcome those issues.

Listen to this podcast to discover how building a strong technology partnership can promote institutional sustainability in the long run.

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