Jenzabar SONIS Product Sheet

Jenzabar SONIS Product Sheet

Powerful Technology. Amazingly affordable.

Jenzabar SONIS is a powerful yet cost effective student information system that helps you improve efficiencies for all your on-the-go constituents. Designed specifically for smaller or specialized schools, Jenzabar SONIS empowers you to manage all aspects of your school’s administrative tasks online and provides integrated services for admissions, registration, grading, billing, course management, and other administrative functions.

At a Glance

Jenzabar SONIS connects students, faculty, and administrators through a centralized database. The system allows students to apply online, register for courses, pay bills, conduct degree audits—and more—at any time, from any device. Jenzabar SONIS positions you to provide the high level of personal attention and service your students demand.


  • Connect anytime through a user-friendly online platform, on any device
  • Make data-based decisions with advanced query tools and pre-configured reports
  • Engage students and applicants with personalized, automated communications
  • Securely manage student data and share academic records
  • Streamline and automate manual tasks
Jenzabar SONIS

Our college has increased engagement by simply implementing a few of the automated features in Jenzabar SONIS (…) This has allowed more face-to-face interactions with students and reduced the paper processing of information tremendously.


Academic Systems Coordinator

Riverside College of Health Careers

The SIS That Works as Hard as You Do

Your students demand a high level of personal attention and service from you— from anywhere and everywhere. Keep your operations running smoothly without breaking the budget.

Constant Connection

Your students are accustomed to instant access. Jenzabar SONIS grants them the 24/7 connectivity they demand. Students can connect to campus services at any time on any device from any browser. Jenzabar SONIS lets you connect with students as easily as it lets them connect with you. You can reach out to students throughout their entire lifecycle—from interested prospect to engaged enrollee to successful learner to supportive alumni—with personalized communications. The automated workflows let you send the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Better Decisions, Better Teams

Jenzabar SONIS gives you as much power as it gives your students. With advanced query tools and a library of over 250 pre-configured reports, the solution equips you to make data-driven decisions. The preconfigured reports—including prospect reports, marketing reports, admissions reports, financial reports, donor reports, student roster reports, and more—cover all departments.

Flexible Enough to Fit All Your Needs

Jenzabar SONIS supplies you unmatched flexibility. Accommodate any program credit structure or start and end dates. Define courses the way you want to. Configure your system with the values and terminology that work best for your institution. Customize colors, fonts, and images to represent your brand. Even control which features are enabled in the system. Jenzabar SONIS integrates with many third-party systems commonly used for financial aid, learning management, payment processing, accounting, and more.

Connectivity was a big concern as well as enhanced data security and protection of student information. Shimer College switched from an older outdated system because Jenzabar SONIS offers what is needed.

Jim Ulrich

Jenzabar SONIS Powers Your Campus

Recruitment and Admissions

Jenzabar SONIS provides the automation and configuration to help you personally connect with students, increase the efficiency of your staff, and ensure no prospective student falls through the cracks.

  • Design targeted campaigns with automated communications
  • Prospect management; including to-dos and notifications
  • Configurable online application
  • Applicant and enrollment reporting

Student Information

Jenzabar SONIS provides you in-depth insight into your students, allowing you to view and update their biographic records as you closely track their academic journey.

  • Automate course management
  • Registration and transcripts
  • Track housing and parking
  • Manage student health records
  • Career and placement services

Student Billing

Streamline and optimize your billing operations to provide students with a wide range of payment options.

  • Automatically post fees to student financial record
  • Provide views on billing history and print 1098Ts
  • Adapt charges to student attributes
  • Build reports and drill down to full student ledgers

Financial Aid

Automate your entire financial aid process, eliminating hours of tedious paperwork, so you can spend your time helping students.

  • Personalize award letters
  • Import ISIR data
  • Automatic disbursement notification emails
  • Capture student loan information
  • Students can view, accept, reject, or modify awards online

Course Management

Jenzabar SONIS provides the course management resources your faculty needs to deliver courses in a way that matches how the modern student learns.

  • View schedule and student rosters
  • Upload course materials and syllabi
  • Create and manage online assignments, tests, quizzes, and forums
  • Enter grades, take attendance, and communicate with student


Deliver the functionality you need to formulate and execute winning development campaigns and engage alumni.

  • Donor employment, interests, volunteer, giving, and function attendance history
  • Donor activity and gift management
  • Pledge and payment management
  • Fundraising event management
  • Alumni and fundraising reports

Flexible technology

Jenzabar SONIS is perfectly designed for specialized or international programs.

Colleges or Universities

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established institution, Jenzabar SONIS allows your operations to run smoothly without breaking the bank.

  • Whether you have 5 or 5,000 students, Jenzabar SONIS will grow with you
  • Eliminate manual tasks and consolidate efforts
  • Manage student data and share academic records securely
  • Easy integration with other campus systems

Career and Technical Education Schools

Jenzabar SONIS offers the flexibility and agility to accommodate specialized programs for high school students, adult learners, and the business community.

  • Capture student clock hours, credits and/or CE credits
  • Enroll students into programs along with all of its subsequent milestones and competencies
  • Enter gradebook scores regardless of start date or level
  • Support a wide array of majors, programs, and courses

Continuing Education Programs

Jenzabar SONIS features a continuing education portal that allows students and community members alike to access specific “pay courses” without the hassles of the admissions process.

  • List your courses by the area of interest
  • Allow for multi-course/bundle discounting
  • Award certificates to your students upon completion of specific courses
  • Built-in reporting

International Schools

Built-in language translation make Jenzabar SONIS the perfect choice for schools around the globe.

  • Web-based access allows users to connect no matter where they are
  • Multiple language capability unites your multi-cultural community
  • Flexible design accommodates unique course requirements