How Your Student Information System Can Power Strategic and Institutional Decision-Making

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When your SIS leverages student data, you'll be better equipped to fulfill your institution's mission.

In today’s higher education climate, informed decision-making is critical to achieving sustainability. This is especially true for smaller institutions that serve niche communities. To meet the needs of their students and to ensure those learners return to campus, institutions need to leverage all the tools at their disposal. 

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Al Santos, Director of Information Technology at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, sits down Jenzabar’s Chris Myers to discuss how Jenzabar SONIS empowers specialized and growing institutions to make data-informed decisions across every facet of their organization. Santos and Myers also discuss the importance of using that data to stay connected to alumni, to improve student experiences, and to ensure the institution is fulfilling its mission.

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