The Roles and Responsibilities of Academic Advisors in Promoting Student Success

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Every student has different needs, so what can advisors do to ensure student success across the board?

There is little static about the advisor/student relationship in higher education. As student wants and needs shift from year to year, academic advisors must constantly reevaluate their goals, processes, and practices as well as their definition of student success.

In this fireside chat, the third and final installment of our student success series, Jenzabar’s Jeff Elliott and Chris Myers delve deeper into the roles that academic advisors play in the student success equation.

Watch our fireside chat for answers to these questions and more:

  • How does the mission of an academic advisor inform their approach to advising?
  • How do an institution’s culture and mission impact an academic advisor’s role?
  • How important is continual professional training for academic advising?
  • How can advisors use technology to encourage student engagement?
Chris Meyers, Jenzabar

Chris Myers

Product Manager, Jenzabar SONIS

Jeff Elliott, Jenzabar

Jeff Elliott

Director of Product Management

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