Exploring New Tech Impacts on Higher Education Landscapes

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Recent technology shifts in higher ed can enable digital transformations that overcome legacy issues and new obstacles.

For colleges and universities, the pandemic was a catalyst for implementing new technologies. The need to shift courses online, balance student satisfaction with safety, and keep the institution running remotely presented several significant challenges—issues with access, budgets, usability, and training. Yet the pandemic also prompted a great deal of innovation: Institutions leveraged existing resources and embraced new IT solutions to manage pandemic-related complications and ensure student success.

This webinar highlights the recent shifts in the higher ed tech landscape and explores digital transformation stories from institutions that overcame both legacy issues and new obstacles. When employed strategically, technology can give students the tools to be the drivers of their own success. It can also help institutions streamline operations and provide campus officials and faculty with the insights they need to make critical planning and policy decisions.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Map out the new terrain of IT concerns in a post-pandemic age.
  • Explore how certain colleges and universities used new technology to mitigate modern concerns.
  • Examine how new solutions in artificial intelligence, communications, and analytics can empower students.
  • Identify how innovative solutions can help institutions weather issues of post-pandemic institutional stability.

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