The Role of Analytics in Enabling Student Success

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Find out how institutions can use the mountains of data at their disposal to improve student engagement and success.

Higher education institutions are prime candidates for data analytics technologies thanks to the huge volumes of data they have been collecting over the years. Unfortunately, many institutions have yet to assess and make use of the data at their disposal, which means troves of data that should have produced financial and operational opportunities have turned into technical hindrances. 

When put to good use, institutions can leverage data to engage with students on more personal levels, provide more intimate support to nurture graduation pathways, and even evaluate and improve their academic program offerings.

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  • Innovative approaches to improving student success through the use of data analytics
  • The evolving use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in driving student engagement
  • How to leverage program economics to evaluate academic programs holistically

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The role of analytics in enabling student success

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