IDC PlanScape: Cloud-Based Student Information Systems

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Uncover why and how institutions should move from traditional, on-premises student information systems to modern, cloud-based solutions.

Despite having such a critical role in higher education, many institutions have delayed or neglected the move to modern student information systems (SIS). Part of this reluctance comes from the inherent complexities and costs associated with upgrading to a newer platform, even though more innovative, cloud-based offerings invite a range of new opportunities.

This IDC report highlights the benefits of upgrading to a cloud student information system, as well as the characteristics that institutions should look for in a modern platform. IDC notes that institutions should consider their cloud SIS as:

  • A flexible and adaptable solution that enables continuous improvement and innovation.
  • A solution that drives student empowerment through personalized experiences and support.
  • A single source of truth that enables data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.
  • A technology that can optimize resources to scale with changing student needs.

Download your copy of the report today to learn more about how to overcome the barriers to implementing a cloud student information system so your institution can embrace its transformation into a digital campus.

IDC PlanScape: Cloud-Based Student Information Systems
IDC PlanScape: Cloud-Based Student Information Systems

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