Unify Communications and Maximize Engagement With Constituents

Built directly into Jenzabar One, Jenzabar Communications enables you to eliminate communication silos, reduce redundancies between departments, and increase collaboration across campus by bringing everything into a single system. Jenzabar Communications consolidates constituent profiles, engagement histories, and enhanced communications tools into one platform so you can deliver seamless experiences for constituents throughout their lifecycle.

Improve engagement, response times, resolution rates, and user experiences by delivering modern, personalized communications.

Jenzabar Communications enables you to deliver unique, seamless campus-wide communications through a single platform

Eliminate Silos and Improve Collaboration Across Campus

Integrated across Jenzabar One, Jenzabar Communications enables staff to build and send individual or sequenced communications to students, review interactions across channels using a single source of truth, and increase transparency with other departments. By providing a unified view into constituent profiles and engagement histories, you can reduce redundancies, increase efficiency, and improve experiences for internal and external stakeholders.

Jenzabar Communications comprises a suite of easy-to-use collaboration tools, templates, data settings, and histories designed to increase the consistency of your communications. Simplify how you manage interactions with students and other constituents to improve engagement, satisfaction, and success.


  • Deliver consistent and personalized communications by managing centralized, up-to-date digital profiles that track constituents’ interaction and engagement histories.
  • Enable more personalized and meaningful conversations by accurately segmenting your contact lists across the Jenzabar One platform.
  • Increase efficiency by designing, scheduling, and sending individual or specifically sequenced communications to constituents with the click of a button.
  • Improve productivity by building out to-do lists so staff can prioritize their efforts on mission-critical objectives.
  • Enhance collaboration by creating and sharing documents, emails, notes, notifications, phone calls, and to-dos with colleagues through a single system.
  • Minimize duplication of efforts and keep staff up to date on changes or updates by tracking and centralizing notifications.
  • Keep sensitive information safe and prioritize privacy with an added security layer that only permits access to users based on their relevant roles and permissions.

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