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Jenzabar Communications Product Sheet

Jenzabar Communications Product Sheet

Unify campus communications to maximize constituent engagement

Institutions currently engage with increasingly digital-savvy constituents whose expectations are shaped by modern enterprises. Interacting with these constituents is becoming more difficult as schools rely on multiple, disjointed communication technologies for outreach. To maximize engagement with their constituents, institutions need to eliminate communication and data silos and deliver unified experiences.

Built directly into our leading Jenzabar One platform, Jenzabar Communications allows you to deliver unique, seamless communications and data through a single platform that connects multiple departments across campus. Improve engagement, response times, resolution rates, and user experiences throughout your constituents’ lifecycles.

At a Glance

Jenzabar Communications enables staff to spend less time navigating constituent engagement histories and more time building rapport with those constituents. Through a single platform that is directly integrated into the Jenzabar One ecosystem, staff can build and send individual or sequenced messages, review those interactions across channels using a single source of truth, and share comments with other departments.

Jenzabar Communications comprises an easy-to-use suite of collaboration tools, templates, data settings, and histories designed to increase productivity and communications consistency. It allows you to improve experiences for your campus community by simplifying how you manage constituent interactions.


  • Deliver consistent and personalized communications by using up-to-date digital profiles that track constituents’ interaction and engagement histories.
  • Enable more personalized conversations by segmenting your contact lists across the Jenzabar One platform.
  • Increase efficiency by designing, scheduling, and sending individual or sequenced interactions to constituents.
  • Improve staff productivity by building out to-do lists to prioritize critical objectives.
  • Enhance collaboration by using a single system to create and share documents, texts, emails, notes, notifications, phone calls, and to-dos.
  • Minimize effort duplication and keep staff up to date on changes or updates by tracking and centralizing interaction notifications.
  • Keep sensitive information safe and prioritize constituent privacy with security that bases access on roles and permissions.

Unify interactions, increase visibility, and eliminate silos across campus

Jenzabar Communications is available through two different models: Jenzabar Communications, which has base functionality within the core Jenzabar One platform, and Jenzabar Communications Plus, which includes licensed, enhanced features.

Jenzabar Communications

Jenzabar Communications’ base model is directly integrated within the Jenzabar One platform and comes with a range of features designed to improve internal collaboration and constituent engagement.

  • Create, schedule, and send individual interactions or an automated series of interactions to your segmented constituent population with dynamic recipient lists.
  • Keep staff up to date on all interactions sent to the campus community by maintaining a detailed and comprehensive view of notifications and communication records and histories.
  • Send basic plain text or HTML templated emails to all constituents from inside the Jenzabar One platform.
  • Improve productivity and allow administrators to distribute workloads as needed by maintaining to-do items for each constituent profile, including completed and in-progress tasks.

Jenzabar Communications Plus

The licensed model of Jenzabar Communications comes with all the features in the base model and more.

  • Improve constituent engagement by allowing users to receive, review, and respond to texts, emails, and comments, in real time.
  • Enable staff and departments to incorporate texting into interaction plans across campus with live integrated texting.
  • Track inbound and outbound emails by integrating your preferred email provider directly into the Jenzabar One platform.
  • Deeply personalize outreach and promote a consistent brand message to constituents with a robust, embedded content editor.
  • Quickly manage, view, and comment on all interactions through a snapshot view of constituent record histories.
  • Increase collaboration and visibility by allowing staff to comment on interactions, adding more context for each person interacting with the constituent.
  • Maximize user engagement by centralizing all inbound and outbound texts and emails into one easily accessible inbox.

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