The Christ College Exceeds Enrollment Goals With Jenzabar's Recruitment Module and Jenzabar SONIS

Success Story

Find out why bringing together Jenzabar's Recruitment module and Jenzabar SONIS can improve enrollment performance.

The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences struggled with the integrations between its student information system (Jenzabar SONIS) and its previous recruitment solution. Meanwhile, the college did not have its own dedicated IT resources to improve integrations and operations. In order to attract new students and maintain growth, the college needed its student information system and recruitment platform to communicate more effectively.

This case study highlights how The Christ College used Jenzabar SONIS with Jenzabar's Recruitment module to:

  • Implement innovative recruitment tactics that have resulted in a student body that grows larger every year
  • Enable seamless integration between its recruitment and student information systems
  • Improve outreach and performance by leveraging detailed insight provided via Jenzabar's Recruitment module
  • Reduce costs and complexity by consolidating the number of IT system vendors
  • Utilize dedicated IT resources and support through Jenzabar services

Download the case study to learn more about the benefits of bringing together Jenzabar SONIS and Jenzabar's Recruitment module.

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