Jenzabar Announces a New Partnership With Google Cloud

March 13, 2024   |  
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As a part of its decades-long commitment to bringing industry-leading technology to higher education, Jenzabar is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Google Cloud. By using Google Cloud’s latest developments in infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and security, Jenzabar can deliver an even more secure, personalized, and accessible learning experience for faculty, staff, and students. Here’s a brief dive into our latest partnership.

Improvements to Campus Infrastructure and Network

For colleges and universities, seamless application connectivity, high availability, and network visibility are critical for day-to-day operations. Through this partnership, Jenzabar will leverage Google Cloud’s low-latency global network to support its commitment to delivering market-leading, highly innovative and scalable student information systems to institutions of all sizes and types.

Specifically, Jenzabar will deploy its enterprise workloads to Google Cloud VMware Engine & Google Cloud Compute Engine and will work with Google Cloud to containerize Jenzabar applications for deployment on autopilot and securely run them on a scalable and fully automated Kubernetes service: Google Kubernetes Engine


For institutions, this means that server capacity will be able to automatically expand and contract to accommodate increased activity, such as during registration.


New Innovative Capabilities With Artificial Intelligence

While there is still a shroud of mystery and potential skepticism of artificial intelligence in higher education, the truth is that AI carries a great deal of potential for colleges and universities wanting to improve efficiencies.

In partnering with Google Cloud, Jenzabar will be able to leverage Google Cloud’s enterprise-ready artificial intelligence solutions on Vertex AI, including Search and Conversation, 100+ foundation models, and a unified AI platform. These tools will make it easier to prototype, customize, integrate, and deploy AI into applications. 


Enhancements to System Security

Security is top of mind for campus leadership, especially as more and more students engage with institutional resources on myriad devices from virtually limitless locations. Meanwhile, cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common in higher ed as cybercriminals find vulnerabilities they can exploit to ransom off valuable information and data.

To protect against cyberattacks and threats, Jenzabar’s solutions will apply Google Cloud’s secure-by-design foundation, shared fate model for risk management, and best practices. In doing so, institutions will be able to leverage more fortified solutions that can improve their data protection and cybersecurity standards.


An Exciting New Era for Higher Education Institutions

Jenzabar’s partnership with Google Cloud will enable colleges and universities to leverage student information systems that empower learners with more agency and flexibility. Uniting Jenzabar’s industry-leading SIS with Google Cloud will ensure that institutions can accelerate their digital transformation on the most secure, scalable, and innovative infrastructure available.

Read more about Jenzabar and Google Cloud's partnership here.


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