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How to Drive Enrollment and Retention Across the 4 Stages of the Student Lifecycle

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Discover what goes into building an engagement strategy that targets prospective students, existing students, and alumni.

The challenges associated with student enrollment and retention in higher education are unlikely to subside in the immediate future due to increased competition, unpredictable economic turbulence, and evolving student expectations. However, institutions that approach these obstacles by focusing on what matters—students—may find it easier to attract new students and retain existing students.

Engagement, which has always been critical, is even more vital in today’s hyperconnected digital economy. Staff must proactively connect with prospective and existing students at the right time and through the right channels to improve enrollment and retention. The challenge is that all students are different and, depending on where they are in their learning journeys, have different motivations and assumptions.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • Interacting with the modern student at every stage of the enrollment process
  • Nurturing and communicating effectively with prospective and existing students
  • Improving user experiences and support to meet today's students' high expectations
  • Leveraging student and alumni success stories to showcase long-term outcomes

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How to Drive Enrollment and Retention Across the 4 Stages of the Student Lifecycle

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