AI, Digital Transformation and Online Learning: What Campus Tech Leaders Think

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What's on the minds of higher education CIOs and CTOs, and how will today's trends impact tomorrow's outcomes?

If the 2023 Survey of Campus Chief Technology/Information Officers made one thing clear, it's that artificial intelligence is 2024's hot topic. How will AI impact new campus technologies? How much should CIOs and CTOs be prioritizing AI investments?

In this webinar, Inside Higher Ed Co-founder and Editor Doug Lederman and Vice President of Content Strategy & Innovation and Senior Editor David Ho explore some of the most important takeaways from the 2023 Survey of Campus Chief Technology/Information Officers.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • Which emergent technology colleges and universities are investing in.
  • To what extent and purpose CIOs and CTOs are adopting artificial intelligence on campus.
  • How concerned institutions are about the implications of new AI technology.
  • And more!

Watch the webinar to gain insights to help you and your teams plan for 2024 and beyond.

You can access the full 2023 survey here.

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Doug Lederman

Co-Founder & Editor
Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed

David Ho

Vice President of Content Strategy & Innovation, and Senior Editor
Inside Higher Ed

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