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Jenzabar Partners with Gray Associates to Deliver Best-in-Class Academic Program Analytics

New Tools and Services Deliver a Custom Assessment of Each Institution’s Strategic Program Portfolio

Boston, MA – May 16, 2019 Jenzabar, a leading technology innovator in higher education serving the new student, today announced a new partnership with Gray Associates, higher education thought leaders in data insights and academic program portfolio strategy.  This exciting new partnership allows Jenzabar to incorporate Gray Associate’s industry-leading academic program analytics, market research, decision-making processes, and services into the Jenzabar Program Analytics offerings.

Gray Associates leverages rigorous research, proprietary databases, and advanced analytical techniques to forecast students’ academic program decisions, quantify competitive pressures, and evaluate the economics of current and potential new academic programs.  The combined data solutions and analysis provide the deep strategic insight and market knowledge to help colleges reach informed decisions.

“The question of which programs academic institutions should offer is more complex than a simple analysis of cost, program popularity, or potential for return on investment," said Meghan Turjanica, Product Manager for Analytics at Jenzabar.  “Jenzabar and Gray Associates help institutions navigate which offerings and programs are the best fit for their students, community, mission, and institutional financial health.”

Through the partnership with Gray Associates, Jenzabar now delivers Analytics Models that evaluate an institution’s portfolio of programs.  The models include a SaaS tool designed to evaluate revenue, direct cost, and contribution margin for each current program.  It also includes a SaaS platform that enables institutions to analyze the attractiveness of local and national markets for over 1,000 academic programs.  Importantly, this system includes data on student demand, as well as employer needs and competitive intensity.  With this data, Gray’s experts help colleges assess how to free-up funds trapped in failing programs, invest in current or new programs, and ultimately increase enrollment.

“We work with institutions to provide data, analysis, and strategic direction that is tailored to their specific circumstances – so they can confidently determine which programs they should start, stop, sustain, or grow,” said Bob Atkins, CEO of Gray Associates.  “Our combined services and tools provide colleges with the data and facilitated processes to help them make tough decisions, investments, and program changes.”

“With this partnership, clients can create the right mix of programs with ease and confidence, and leave behind much of the data gathering and guessing,” said Turjanica.

The partnership with Gray Associates is part of the Jenzabar Analytics portfolio launched last month.

About Gray Associates

Gray Associates, Inc., a higher education consulting firm, helps clients develop fact-based institutional and marketing strategies to maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies.  Gray uses proprietary analytical techniques and an industry-leading database combining information on inquiry volumes, demographics, competition, and employment, to help faculty and school leadership develop institutional strategies, select programs, pick locations, and prepare curricula.

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