Targeted Recruitment Yields Big Results in Enrollment

March 21, 2019   |  
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According to recent research, enrollment rates for the past seven years are continuing to decline. This means that recruitment for the right-fit student is more important than ever before. Competition for the best students is tough and mail, email, internet campaigns, and social media from your peer institutions are aggressively recruiting prospective students. 

Drive modern outreach and engagement 

Jenzabar Recruitment helps you personally connect with students, increasing the efficiency of your staff, and ensuring no prospective student falls through the cracks. Featuring the most powerful email communication tool in higher education, Jenzabar Recruitment allows you to create cascading email tracks determined by your prospect’s individual information and responses to earlier communications. Use student group chat and student interest groups to create better engagement. Personalize emails and messaging to reach the students who will likely enroll. 

Get anytime, anywhere access to all the tools you need to optimize and streamline your recruitment campaigns. Jenzabar Recruitment handles it all—list management, personalized communication creation and send, progress monitoring, information capture and update, event creation and management. Automated workflows, based on interactions with your prospective students, can assign and send out follow-up communications and tasks without manual work. The real-time funnel report helps drive your activities, so you can focus your efforts where they have the greatest impact. 

Don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers

All three of these customers used Jenzabar Recruitment capabilities to target best-fit students. This is what they had to say.

“We transitioned to Jenzabar Recruitment almost two years ago. This has been a game changer in how we recruit students. The ability to communicate with students - and with multiple entering classes at once – has made a world of difference for us. Also, the reporting abilities (and the dashboards) have given us much more information about our entering class and helped us better focus our efforts.” - Director of Admissions

“Jenzabar Recruitment has helped our admissions office stay on top of our student outreach and better understand the impact of our campaigns throughout the year. We have also been able to move to a completely paperless application review process which has saved a significant amount of wasted paper on campus!” - Dean of Admissions 

“Before moving to Jenzabar Recruitment, we were running our mailings and email campaigns out of excel spreadsheets. Counselors were unable to track communications going out from the office, data was outdated almost as soon as it was exported to the excel sheets and we were working in silos hoping for the best. Implementing Jenzabar Recruitment allowed us to handle and manage our communications flow in one place and track the results of our email campaigns. We have also been able to start tracking data in different ways which has allowed us to segment and target students in new and exciting ways!” - Dean of Admissions

 Getting results

We are constantly checking in with our customers to get their feedback on our products. Here are two recent anecdotes that we are able to share that resulted from using Jenzabar Recruitment.

The first customer recently told us that they enrolled the most academically talented class in its history. The University attributes this increase to earlier and more targeted communications to their desired pool of prospects. The sophisticated, robust communication tool delivered with Jenzabar Recruitment enabled the admissions team to respond rapidly with targeted messages to their intended audience.

The school also targeted female students to increase the male-female ratio on campus. 

  1. The average GPA for the entering first-year student was 3.285 vs. 3.14
  2. The number of new female students increased by 20% over a two-year period

“Jenzabar has played a key role in helping increase undergraduate enrollment by 23% from 2013 to 2018.” 

The second customer was very excited about exceeding their enrollment goals. 

“This year for the first time in almost 4 years, we not only made our enrollment goal, we exceeded goal, by almost 50 students.” - Director of Accounts Receivable

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