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We are excited to announce the launch of Jenzabar Analytics, a portfolio of descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics tools. Through Jenzabar’s powerful new analytics solution, higher education institutions will now be able to gather, organize, assess, and transform data into actionable insights for more confident decision making!  

With the challenges higher education faces today, institutions need to rethink the business of education to remain relevant and viable. Transformation requires a look at decision making across the institution. Colleges and universities collect massive amounts of data on everything from the number of freshman enrollments to the costs associated with starting a new program, resulting in realms of student and institutional data. To make the most informed decisions, you must leverage the entirety of that data.

However, if that data is siloed in different departments across the campus, you are not able to gain all the insight or see the trends the data can reveal. With new technology, those siloes of data are now readily available to be compiled, processed, and analyzed, making it easier for leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Analytics has an essential role in facilitating data-driven decision making that better serves students and improves overall institutional success. It can provide a big picture of trends and patterns that higher education leaders can use to evaluate and streamline processes, create efficiencies, and improve the overall student experience. Adaptation to analytics will enable institutions to be more intelligent and intentional. 

Uncover Meaningful and Actionable Intelligence

To enable institutions to uncover meaningful and actionable intelligence for better- informed decisions, we have developed Jenzabar Analytics. This exciting new solution brings visibility and data-informed decision making to higher education. Institutions are given the latest tools and technology to quickly spot and analyze relevant trends, make more accurate projections, and discover new opportunities for success.

We are introducing two Jenzabar Analytics Modules – the Data Cloud and the Financial Analytics Model.

Jenzabar Analytics is part of Jenzabar One, our cloud-ready suite of higher education technology products and services that improves the student experience and drives institutional success. The new module’s customizable, industry best-practice dashboards give flexibility to track specific data points critical to an institution.

Jenzabar Analytics: Data Cloud

By leveraging cloud computing, Jenzabar provides the most relevant data needed to answer critical questions based on industry standard key performance indicators (KPIs). Jenzabar’s Data Cloud leverages the massive computing power of the cloud to run state-of-the-art workflows that collect and transform data from both your core Jenzabar systems and third-party data sources. It then securely stores it in a central data warehouse and data lake unique to your institution.

Jenzabar Analytics: Financial Analytics Model       

Jenzabar’s Financial Analytics Model provides you with key performance indicators and ratios to track the health of an institution, such as operating results, resource sufficiency and flexibility, asset performance and management, and liquidity and debt management.

Analytics Services 

Each analytics model kicks off with a Strategic Workshop to help understand how to leverage industry best-practice KPIs for immediate maximum success. Jenzabar provides the training, tools, and associated services needed to answer questions and continue to make data-driven decisions.

 “More than ever before, today’s institutions need to view their data as an asset and leverage it to take informed and strategic action,” said Meghan Turjanica, Product Manager of Analytics at Jenzabar. “Our cloud-based analytics solution simplifies the process of storing, organizing, analyzing, and deriving meaning and insight from data to improve institutional and student outcomes.”

To learn more about new evolving financial models, download the Explainer by The Chronicle of Higher Education below.


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