Jenzabar Unveils a New Brand

April 18, 2019   |  
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Jenzabar is pleased to announce our new brand. Our new identity reflects the spirit of the company and the ongoing changes of the higher education industry evolution. Our brand launch also includes the Jenzabar website, and is reflected throughout our communication strategy.

The new brand is intended to convey our vision of transcending traditional higher education models, reinventing higher education, creating opportunities for anyone in the world to discover, and develop their inner masterpiece.


The Jenzabar butterfly represents our vision coming to life. It is bursting with vibrant color, just as education paints possibilities onto our blank canvases. Lines of motion flow across its wings, showing how access to learning gives flight to finding our passions. The Jenzabar butterfly floats high, transcending all the limits that have too long kept the promise of higher education from those that most need it.

“From our logo, to the colors we use, the images, and the way we communicate with our customers, we are putting the student back at the center of education by providing our customers with the technology, products, and services they need with the digital transformation in higher education. It’s not just about getting in, or even graduating. It’s about launching the student into their future, their destiny, the purpose they were meant to achieve. By combining the transformative powers of technology, education, and career development, we will enable all institutions and lifelong learners to pursue their potential for greatness.”

- David Kaupp, Vice President of Marketing  

“There’s a powerful change happening in the higher education space. There’s a great opportunity to provide the global population — the poor, the vulnerable, the needy — with a high - quality education. To help them become the best that they can be – the one masterpiece they were created to be. That’s why we do what we do.”

- Ling Chai, Founder and CEO of Jenzabar


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