EDUCAUSE 2020: Transformation is the Talk of the Town

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The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is a little different this year. Instead of thought leaders from higher education institutions, technology providers, consulting firms, and other organizations coming together in person, the entire event will be online. While this might make happy hour a little less social, it complements the industry’s ongoing virtual transition, which is evident by the surge in online learning and remote working around the world. The good news is that Jenzabar will be hosting a variety of virtual get-togethers to make the entire EDUCAUSE 2020 experience as rewarding as it would be if it were in person.

What's the Buzz at EDUCAUSE This Year?

EDUCAUSE 2020’s program tracks focus on similar topics as previous years—with a twist. Of course, topics like how to address changing expectations from evolving student demographics are still a priority for the industry. Other areas of focus include exploring and expanding teaching and learning boundaries, as well as improving security in the digital economy, and using data to drive innovation.

Find out what Jenzabar is up to at EDUCAUSE. 

Although these topics touch a variety of subjects from different angles, there is a common theme throughout: transforming experiences. This goes beyond revolutionizing the student experience (which is extremely important in higher education environments today) and taps into the idea of evolving user experiences across the campus environment. Institutions are embracing more enterprise-centric mindsets by adopting new technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. As a result of these digital transformations, decision-makers are challenging existing norms by implementing major changes to their cultures. Operations, processes, and strategies are adjusting to the modern era.

The idea of evolving to keep pace with digital-native students has been a rumbling, I’ll-get-to-it concept for some time. When 2020 and COVID-19 came along, however, transformation became a requirement as campuses were shut down and institutions were forced to react, aggressively in many cases, to keep their doors open, even if the entryways moved to the virtual space.

Jenzabar has been a proponent of transformation in higher education for years. We can support institutions of all sizes tackle their most pressing challenges, including everything from modernizing legacy systems to implementing new and exciting technologies that can revolutionize experiences across campus. That’s our focus at EDUCAUSE 2020.

What's Jenzabar Doing at EDUCAUSE 2020?

We are hosting a variety of activities during EDUCAUSE 2020, including sessions presentations, live video chats with our experts, and more.students can turn to if they need in-person support.

Presentation Schedule 

How to Drive Student Engagement With a Modern SIS
Tuesday, October 27 | 2:00 PM EST
Learn the top three attributes of a student information system (SIS) that can help your institution drive digital transformation, enhance student engagement, and identify risk factors to student success.

How Can AI-Driven Chatbots Drive Institutional and Student Success?
Wednesday, October 28 | 12:00 PM EST
Discover how chatbots can empower student self-service, open new avenues of engagement and communication, and provide your institution with insight into student behaviors and satisfaction levels.

Case Study: Tips for Using Complex Data for Informed Decision-Making
Thursday, October 29 | 1:00 PM EST
Learn how modern data analytics tools can help you make more informed decisions by turning complex data into real-time, highly visual snapshots and dashboards.

Live Video Chat Schedule

We are hosting live, 10-minute video chat sessions with our experts during dedicated hall hours. If you register and join one of our open discussion sessions below, you will be entered automatically into a grand prize drawing in which you can win a Bose Portable Speaker (a $350 value).

Financial Aid | Tuesday, October 27 | 1:00 PM EST
Join a discussion around how incorporating data into financial aid programs can positively contribute to enrollment and retention.

Higher Education Chatbot | Tuesday, October 27 | 5:00 PM EST
Participate in a conversation about the evolving chatbot market and the technology’s growing role in higher ed.

Data Analytics | Wednesday, October 28 | 3:00 PM EST
Chat about the next steps for turning your mountains of unused student data into actionable intelligence that can contribute to better experiences and more engagement.

Modernization & Digital Transformation | Thursday, October 29 | 2:00 PM EST
Join a conversation about digital transformation in higher education and how modern, innovative technology can help you achieve success.

EDUCAUSE 2020 presents a unique opportunity to meet with Jenzabar virtually as if we were together in person. Don’t miss out!

Learn more about all the exciting activities Jenzabar is hosting at EDUCAUSE 2020 here!

Jenzabar at EDUCAUSE 2020

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