Will Unbundling Your Course Catalog Meet the Needs of the New Student?

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Learn how new solutions enable you to offer learning opportunities through modern online environments that meet today's students' expectations.

The Great Resignation has disrupted the job market, leaving employers urgently seeking skilled workers to fill 11.3 million open positions. Individuals who wish to pursue many of these jobs need more education so they can learn the skills necessary to succeed. The challenge for institutions is that some learners don’t want to commit to a long application process or traditional 2- to 4-year programs; they want short-term, skills-based, flexible courses that can fit into their already busy schedules. Meanwhile, many colleges and universities are still leveraging outdated technologies that may not support non-traditional student enrollments or agile learning experiences. Institutions need to offer unbundled courses through modern, online experiences.  

This webinar dives into how new IT solutions address emerging challenges by helping institutions create modern online buying experiences that integrate with existing IT infrastructure. Presenters go over their experiences with unbundling courses and provide insight into how innovative solutions better serve today’s learners.

This webinar will also explore:

  • How to use new IT solutions to grow enrollments and address evolving learner and employer expectations.
  • How new IT solutions remove barriers for institutions that wish to unbundle their course programs and reach new learners.
  • How to make the non-credit online course buying experience easier and more efficient for students.

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Mark Gradolf

Product Manager

Southeastern University

Neal Dyer

Chief Technology Officer
Southeastern University

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