What Keeps Presidents Up at Night

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Finances, the staffing crisis, and student mental health are only some of the topics keeping college and university presidents from getting a good night's sleep.

College and university presidents have a lot to contend with, but which issues are they most focused on addressing? How do institutional leaders view the future of higher education? Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman as they walk through the key findings of the 2023 Survey of College and University Presidents.

Watch the webinar to gain insight into the following questions.

  • What do presidents think of their institution's financial stability now compared to 2019?
  • How do presidents view the Biden administration's accomplishments in the realm of higher education during its term thus far?
  • Which course format do presidents rate most highly: in-person, hybrid, or online?
  • What percentage of college presidents plan to reduce their campus' physical footprint?
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Doug Lederman

Editor and Co-founder
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Scott Jaschik

Editor and Co-founder
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