What Keeps CIOs and CTOs Up at Night

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Campus resistance, incomplete goals, and insufficient financial investment are only some of the things impeding digital transformation progress - just one of the many issues keeping technology leaders from getting restful sleep.

Digital transformation is often pursued in higher education as a means to improve student enrollment and retention outcomes, but how effective are those efforts from the viewpoint of IT department leaders? This webinar dives into Inside Higher Ed's 2022 Survey of Chief Technology/Information Officers. According to the survey findings, only 4% of respondents said digital transformation was not a priority but only 40% of technology leaders rate their institutions' investment in student success and completion as very or extremely effective.

Watch this webinar for insights into the following questions and more.

  • What do senior technology leaders on campuses really think about their institution's efforts to use the growing array of technological tools and capabilities?
  • What percentage of CTO/CIOs report that their institution has actually set specific goals for digital transformation?
  • What do CTOs and CIOs say are the biggest roadblocks to achieving digital goals?

Watch our webinar today to gain insight into how to maximize your current campus technology and how to retain the leaders who oversee these pivotal functions.

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