The Impact of Financial Aid on Enrollment and Retention

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Learn why financial aid is becoming a vital player in driving student enrollment and retention - and what you can do now to improve long-term outcomes.

Financial concerns have been a longtime leading factor in students' decisions to enroll or continue their education. In today's challenging economic environment, monetary considerations are even more prevalent. As a result, higher education institutions need to prioritize awarding timely and accurate financial aid offers to incoming and returning students to drive enrollment decisions and student persistence rates.

Using technology to enable data-driven strategies can help institutions achieve their enrollment and retention goals. Discover how innovative solutions can also empower students to understand their financial aid options and make the best decisions for their educational journey and long-term financial status.

This webinar highlights:

  • Best practices for incorporating real data into financial aid initiatives to strengthen offers
  • How institutions can personalize financial aid offers to make them more attractive
  • Why financial aid is becoming a more critical differentiator in today's hypercompetitive environment

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Ed Colestock

Product Manager, Financial Aid

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