Students and Sustainability Are the Pillars of Future-Proofing Your Campus

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Narrowing digital transformation's focus may lead to better long-term outcomes for your students and your campus.

The concepts of digital transformation are broad. Fortunately, institutions can focus on two pillars of transformation to future-proof their campus: students and sustainability. Prioritizing student experiences means implementing policies that produce positive outcomes. Meanwhile, a long-term focus on sustainability, with an emphasis on risk management and agility, will ensure you have the resources to grow.

In this webinar, Jacqui Spicer, President at Baker College, and Chuck Sweet, Chief Operations Officer and President’s Chief of Staff at Southern California University of Health Sciences, discuss what they did to drive student success and institutional sustainability on their campuses.

  • How can you make your campus more agile so you can adapt to unforeseen changes?
  • How can moving to the cloud and implementing managed services improve experiences, mitigate risk, and increase revenue?
  • How can a student-centric philosophy serve as the guiding principle for decision-making and change across campus?
  • How do you hire talent to support long-term initiatives and improve change management?

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Baker College

Jacqui Spicer

Baker College

Southern California University of Health Sciences

Chuck Sweet

Chief Operations Officer and President’s Chief of Staff 
Southern California University of Health Sciences 


Omer Riaz

Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

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