How to Drive Student Success Through Personalization and Collaboration

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Learn how to personalize student experiences on an individual level and better understand the difference between student and institutional success.

What success means to some students may not align with how others view their own desired outcomes. As competition in the higher education market increases, institutions must understand who their students are and how their students define success. Personalization in this area is vital; establishing and supporting individual learning journeys will help institutions increase retention and student experiences.

Watch our webinar with University of Mary in conjunction with University Business to learn more about:

  • Personalizing students experiences with intrusive advising, guided pathways, and alternative learning paths like competency-based education (CBE)
  • Leveraging data to improve student success through predictive modeling, intervention plans, and the removal of functional barriers
  • Establishing an institution-wide student success initiative that addresses campus culture, different student cohorts and goals, as well as bottlenecks to success

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Melanie Common

Product Manager, Student


Meghan Turjanica

Product Manager, Analytics and Student Success

University of Mary

Dr. Melissa McDowall

Registrar, Assistant Professor
University of Mary

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