How to Drive Enrollment Using a "Buyer's Journey" Model

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Learn how to complement traditional recruitment strategies with modern tools and approaches.

The rise of the new student and increased competition for a shrinking pool of traditional-age prospects will continue to pressure institutions to reimagine their recruitment efforts. New ideas and technology, like Jenzabar Recruitment, can help you reach your goals. This session presents the concept of the “buyer’s journey” as an innovative dimension to consider in addition to the tried-and-true enrollment funnel. Watch this webinar to learn more about creative best practices, including leading with brand awareness, personalizing outreach, streamlining processes, and leveraging current students and alumni as advocates.

This webinar highlights:

  • New challenges that institutions must face amid increased competition for fewer students.
  • Innovative recruitment technologies that help institutions attract and enroll the best-fit students.
  • Creative tips and tricks that can help institutions revitalize their recruitment strategies.

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Angela Davis

Digital Product Management Leader

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