The Ins and Outs of Student Success

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What constitutes student success? How can colleges and universities create a culture around it?

A student’s sense of success greatly impacts their perception of an education’s value. But fostering student success has become increasingly difficult since many things besides education vie for a student’s attention. As the pandemic alters on-campus life, as college enrollments decline, and as more and more students turn to online learning options, the question of what defines student success becomes an increasingly important one to examine.

In this fireside chat, Jenzabar’s Jeff Elliott and Chris Myers discuss what does and does not constitute student success and how institutions might leverage technology to help cultivate a culture of student success on campus.

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  • How does student engagement impact in-person and online learning?
  • How does a sense of campus community influence student outcomes?
  • How can empowering students impact their sense of accomplishment?
  • How can technology foster critical components of student success?

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Chris Meyers, Jenzabar

Chris Myers

Product Manager, Jenzabar SONIS

Jeff Elliott, Jenzabar

Jeff Elliott

Director of Product Management

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