The Dos and Don’ts of Academic Advising for Student Success

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Advisors play a key role in helping students succeed, but how much aid is too much?

Academic advisors have the important job of helping students acclimate to campus culture. In many ways, their guidance can play a large role in a student’s ability to navigate college life and maximize their education. But it’s easy to conflate institutional success with student success. As advisors strive to ensure students persist in their educations, they may be overstepping their roles and undermining student outcomes in the process.

In this fireside chat, the second installment of our student success series, Jenzabar’s Jeff Elliott and Chris Myers continue to break down the ins and outs of student success by digging into academic advising’s best practices and worst habits.

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  • How does your definition of student success impact your advising practices?
  • How can understanding your school’s mission help you advise students?
  • How can academic advisors best prepare students for post-college life?
  • How can the right technology help you better advise your student body?

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Chris Meyers, Jenzabar

Chris Myers

Product Manager, Jenzabar SONIS

Jeff Elliott, Jenzabar

Jeff Elliott

Director of Product Management

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