Maximizing Student Recruitment Initiatives With Jenzabar Recruitment

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Hear how these institutions are using Jenzabar Recruitment to enroll their best-fit students easily and efficiently.

Jenzabar Recruitment empowers institutions to personalize outreach strategies to attract and enroll today's modern learners. This video highlights testimonials from Reinhardt University and Dominican University, which use Jenzabar Recruitment to identify, target, engage, and ultimately recruit students who are most likely to succeed at their campus. Jenzabar Recruitment simplifies the application submission and review process for both prospective students and institutional staff, which makes the entire application and enrollment process easier.

The video showcases testimonials from Reinhardt University and Dominican University, including how these institutions use Jenzabar Recruitment to:

  • Connect with prospective students and parents earlier than peer institutions.
  • Automate and customize communications so students can see results anywhere.
  • Empower staff with modern tools that support the development of new relationships.
  • Streamline processes and accelerate critical recruitment operations.

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