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Drive institutional and student success with a unified cloud-ready technology platform built for higher education.

Jenzabar One is a flexible, cloud-ready platform designed and built exclusively for higher education institutions. The Jenzabar One suite brings together data analytics, student engagement, online learning, enrollment and retention, advancement, financial aid, as well as human capital management and finance capabilities to power an entire campus on a single platform.

Our powerful suite of technology products and services provides your campus with mobile-friendly solutions to drive institutional and student success.

This video highlights how Jenzabar One can help you:

  • Drive student engagement with mobile-friendly solutions designed for digital-native learners
  • Make more informed decisions by converting complex data into legible, highly visual information
  • Automate critical operations so staff can focus on developing personal relationships with students
  • Develop innovative, future-proof strategies that can keep pace with the evolving higher education landscape

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