Jenzabar Communications Overview

Jenzabar Product Video

Unify communications, eliminate silos, and maximize engagement with constituents throughout their lifecycle.

Collaboration and information sharing are growing increasingly important as the campus environment evolves amid online learning and technology evolution. Watch our video to learn how Jenzabar Communications can help your institution improve engagement, response times, resolution rates, and user experiences by delivering modern, personalized communications.

The video highlights how Jenzabar Communications can help you:

  • Deliver consistent and personalized communications.
  • Enable more meaningful conversations by accurately segmenting your contact lists across the Jenzabar One platform.
  • Increase efficiency by designing, scheduling, and sending individual or specifically sequenced communications to constituents with the click of a button.
  • Improve productivity by building out to-do lists so staff can prioritize mission-critical objectives.
  • Enhance collaboration by creating and sharing documents, emails, notes, notifications, phone calls, and to-dos with colleagues through a single system.

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