Jenzabar Analytics: Program Insights Model

Jenzabar Product Video

Review academic program performance with the click of a button.

Jenzabar Analytics' Program Insights Model enables institutions to assess their academic program portfolio's strength, cost, demand, and success with ease by providing the means to dig deep into academic program, course, and section performance with the click of a button. It standardizes health scores and leverages user-friendly dashboards so institutions can assess and compare programs across cost, net tuition revenue, student enrollment, student demand, and credit hours consumed.

The video highlights how Jenzabar Analytics can help you:

  • See the impact of instructional cost, student tuition discount, net tuition revenue, enrollment composition, and student performance at the program, course, and section level
  • Get a holistic view of how programs perform against each other by ranking, comparing, and filtering programs by their health scores
  • Strengthen institutional sustainability, attract the right students, and advance student outcomes by optimizing your academic program portfolio
  • Improve student performance and reduce section proliferation by adjusting course and section offerings
  • Identify opportunities for growth by viewing multi-year financial, performance, and enrollment metric trends

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