Campus Marketplace Has Everything You Need to Manage Non-Credit Courses

Centralize Learner Information, Enable Easy Online Course Registration, and Reach More Non-Traditional Learners

Prior to leveraging Campus Marketplace powered by Jenzabar, Southwestern Community College experienced issues when tracking enrollments across its non-credit programs, leading to reporting and general data management complexities. Now, Campus Marketplace provides a consolidated, centralized database for maintaining important reporting information on students, including employer information, affiliated accounts or associations, enrollment histories, and more. It has also made it easier for the school to market and offer its non-credit programming to learners.

With Campus Marketplace, Southwestern Community College can:

  • Showcase non-credit courses through a digital marketplace and encourage learners to find and register for those offerings online.
  • Gather insights on past students and market additional courses to them based on potential areas of interest.
  • Directly communicate and engage with learners through digital channels like email.

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