Why You Should Shift From Reactive Student Service to Proactive Enrollment Management

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How can institutions use technology to personalize and improve the student experience?

It can be difficult for higher education institutions to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. But students these days are used to amazon-like experiences: curated, personalized, and on demand. Old student service models, which tend to be reactive in nature, are no longer equipped to support student success. So what can institutions do to ensure they have the right processes and technology in place help students thrive?

In this episode of the EdUp Experience Podcast, Dr. Marie John Roberts, Vice President for Enrollment Management at East Central Community College, discusses the steps East Central is taking to predict student needs before they occur so it can better meet student expectations and guide learners through a smoother educational journey. Dr. Roberts also discusses how technology can create more personalized learning experiences and how institutions can embrace technology to help meet students where they are and get them to where they're going.

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