To Change or Not to Change? A Look at How Decision-Makers Decide

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With change management, keeping student experience and institutional success top of mind is essential.

Change management is at the forefront of many discussions in higher education. How can decision-makers manage change? How can they get others to the table to support transformation? One question you don’t hear as often: Is change actually required?

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Stead Halstead, Assistant Vice President for Finance & Administration at Bushnell University, discusses the way he and his teams approach change management. During his tenure at Bushnell, Halstead has gone from Director of IT, to Director of Facilities, to his current position in finance and administration, and that journey has given him unique insight into how institutions can determine which changes are necessary and which are not. Halstead also discusses the student experience as the main driver of change, and the importance of turning to technology to facilitate transformation.

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