The CFO’s Role in Higher Ed: Managing Risk, Opportunity, and Strategy

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Successful transformation requires investing in new strategies and technologies. But with budgets tightening, what areas should be prioritized?

Budget management, tuition revenue, operational costs and expenses—all of these are vital areas of focus for higher education CFOs and their teams to track, manage, and support. But in addition to overseeing these financial-focused domains, the CFO is also playing a big role on campus in enabling change management—and the impact of this work can be difficult to evaluate in dollars. With so many priorities and with limited resources, how should CFOs balance their objectives?

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Tyson Cooper, CFO of Southern Virginia University, and Les Zimmerman, Vice President of Product Development at Jenzabar, discuss the importance of change management and agility on campus. Cooper also explores what CFOs can do today to set their institutions up for a better tomorrow.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about the CFO’s evolving role of in higher ed and how they can help align institutional objectives with risk, opportunity, and strategy.

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