Secrets of Success: How CIOs Can Help Drive Enrollments, Staffing, and Digital Transformation

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As small liberal arts institutions across the country struggle to enroll students, address staffing gaps, and digitally transform their campuses, is there a way to beat the odds?

The questions about the return on investment of a liberal arts degree are hitting smaller college and university enrollments hard—especially if those institutions are in higher ed-inundated, hyper-competitive cities. So how is it that Dominican University, a private Roman Catholic university 10 miles outside of Chicago, has managed to defy the odds?

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Todd Kleine, CIO at Dominican University, breaks down the secrets to his institution’s success, including how Dominican was able to increase enrollments, secure essential funding, and help students translate degrees into careers. Kleine also discusses myriad ways CIOs can impact campus culture, student retention, and campus efficiency, among other things.

Listen to this podcast to discover the small changes campuses can make to change perceptions surrounding liberal arts degrees and ensure greater institutional and student success.

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