How to Nurture New Talent and Drive Innovation: Hands-On Training and Support

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When it comes to onboarding new talent, here’s how institutions can ensure their optimal use of technology.

Whether you’re new to an institution or new to its software, onboarding and training is a vital part of making sure campus technology is working for you. But rules and regulations change, software updates, and new procedures are implemented at an increasingly rapid rate. How can you ensure you and your staff are staying ahead of the curve? You partner with a constantly innovating technology vendor and a team that is always available to help.

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Jenzabar’s Jeff Elliott and Chris Myers sit down with Madison Jeffers, Student Services Coordinator at St. John’s College of Nursing. New to the role, Jeffers discusses her experience as a first-time user of Jenzabar SONIS and how working with Jenzabar’s support staff enabled her to learn the ins and outs of the system quickly as well as create processes that worked better for her team. Jeffers also discusses how connecting with fellow Jenzabar SONIS users has given her fresh ideas for how to maximize the value of Jenzabar SONIS on campus.

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