How to Build Relationships That Improve Retention and Student Success

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What causes persistence challenges, and how can institutions improve student success outcomes?

With the demographic cliff looming, institutions across the country are turning their attention to student retention. This is especially true for rural and community colleges, as these serve many part-time students and don’t often benefit from population influxes. What actions can rural and community college colleges take to bolster student enrollment, improve student retention, and improve graduate rates?

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Director of Learning Commons Bobbi Muehlenkamp and Director of Recruitment and Admissions Mindy Hope from Mid-Plains Community College discuss the unique challenges institutions like theirs are facing, as well as how focusing on personal relationship building has helped their offices connect with students and support their success. The two also discuss the role Jenzabar Communications plays in their ability to engage with students and how communications technology can strengthen relationships between staff and struggling students.

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