How to Build and Market Relevant Professional Development Programs

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Creating the right programs is only half the battle. How do you get your right-fit students to enroll?

Post pandemic, many institutions are reevaluating their relationships with local employers and are working to build programs that help unemployed and underemployed community members pursue lucrative careers. As institutions work to build valuable professional development programs, how can they effectively market those offerings to their right-fit students? 

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Dr. Jean Leandre, former Dean of Career and Professional Development at Rockland Community College and current Vice President for Workforce, Strategy, and Innovation at SUNY Orange sits down with Spark451’s Chris Fortney. The two explore the process Dr. Leandre undertook to build a robust professional development program at Rockland Community College. They also discuss how partnering with Spark451 enabled Rockland to crystalize its messaging, conduct outreach to its right-fit students, and transform interested learners into matriculating students.

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