From Retention to Advancement: The Overwhelming Impact of Student Engagement

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What must institutions do to ensure students stay engaged throughout their lifecycle?

As educational environments turn hybrid, securing student engagement has become more challenging and more important than ever. Many higher education institutions are looking to technology providers for solutions that will enable them to stay connected with their online and hybrid cohorts. But possessing the right technology is only part of the equation. To strengthen engagement, institutions need to be both creative and proactive in their use of technology.

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Melinda Bunnell-Rhyne, Vice President for Student Engagement and University Development at Capital Technology University, and Jeff Elliott, Director of Product Management at Jenzabar, sit down to discuss the impact that strong student engagement can have across campus—from increasing retention rates to boosting alumni support. They discuss the importance of getting to know your students and how institutions can use technology to enable deeper communication and help build stronger community ties, even when courses are held entirely online.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about the impact strong student engagement can have on an institution and how technology can help facilitate student engagement strategies.

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