Design Partnerships: How Institutions Can Influence and Strengthen the Solutions They Use

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Partnership between institutions and technology providers is essential to the success of both.

Institutions that work alongside software companies to develop solutions—design partners—are part of an essential and symbiotic relationship. Since design partners help test software as well as provide feedback and direction, their participation is crucial to the success of a solution. In many ways, providing feedback as a design partner helps ensure the solution is tailored to the needs of the design partner’s students.

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Mike Steele, Vice President of Administrative Services at Mid-Plains Community College, sits down with Chris Morgan, Intrapreneur of Lifelong Learning at Jenzabar, to discuss the college’s role as a design partner for Campus Marketplace. Steele and Morgan also discuss what it takes to become a design partner, why institutions should want to be part of the beta-testing process, and how to ensure the partnership works for both parties involved.

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