Cloud Computing and Campus Growth: The Role of the CIO in Managing Change

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Here’s how the cloud is helping one CIO and her staff better support institutional growth.

IT departments are critical to the success of a campus’s day-to-day operations and to its students’ experience. Yet while the threat of cyberattacks grows alongside student demands, IT departments across the country seem to be shrinking. Can moving to the cloud help campuses cope?

In this episode of the EdUp Experience podcast, Merrimack College’s CIO, Karen Slaton, sits down with Jenzabar’s Jim Brossenne to discuss how moving to the cloud is helping Merrimack support a growing student body. Slaton also reveals her secret to managing campus-wide change, what it’s like to be a woman in tech, and how working with a managed services partner is helping Merrimack accomplish its mission and better serve its students.  

Listen to this podcast to discover how moving to the cloud and partnering with an experienced managed services provider can support institutional growth.

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