Tips for Preparing for a Financial Aid Audit

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Learn how to turn your financial aid audit from intimidating to beneficial.

With an influx in government regulations over the past decade, many financial aid personnel are feeling under-resourced, overextended, and over-stressed. Complying with regulations and mandated audits is complex and requires numerous departments to work together. If institutions are unprepared, an audit can be even more daunting.

Download this College and University Magazine report authored by Ed Colestock, Jenzabar Product Manager, to learn some tips for preparing for a financial aid audit. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Learn more about the audit process and the differences between audit types
  • Organize, review, and become familiar with internal documentation
  • Discover what tools are available to assist you and your team in the process

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Tips for Preparing for a Financial Aid Audit

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