Expert Q&A: The Optimistic State of Higher Education Financial Aid

Industry Insights

With better tools and processes, overburdened financial aid offices can improve efficiency, recruitment, and retention.

In this sponsored article published on The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jenzabar reached out to experts in the financial aid services industry to share their thoughts on the current higher education landscape as well as its future. Although financial aid offices are currently struggling to remain connected and engaged with students and their families amid the pandemic and surge in online learning and remote working, many officials are optimistic that today's challenge-ridden environment is simultaneously presenting unique opportunities for growth.

Read the article to gain a better understanding of the higher education landscape and how financial aid offices can:

  • Improve financial aid processes by identifying speed bumps and blind spots before they introduce significant challenges.
  • Use innovative technologies and services to meet institutional and financial aid department objectives.
  • Enhance engagement with prospective and existing students using accurate, up-to-date information.

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Expert Q&A: The Optimistic State of Higher Education Financial Aid

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