Decision Guide: How CTOs and CIOs Are Prioritizing Data Analytics for Better Student Learning Outcomes

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How can institutions prioritize data analytics to improve student success?

In its annual survey of CIOs and CTOs, Inside Higher Ed discovered that while 69% of CIOs and CTOs surveyed said their institutions were using data to make important decisions, only 33% rated their institution’s investment in analytics as effective. How can institutions improve the efficacy of their analytics initiatives and what can CIOs/CTOs do to convince other administrators that data prioritization may be the key to student success?

Alongside its 2023 survey of CIOs and CTOs, Inside Higher Ed spoke to Ithaca College CIO David Weil and Southeastern University CIO Dr. Cody Lloyd. Placing students at the center of their success initiatives, the two laid out a six-step decision guide that peer CIOs/CTOs can use to improve buy-in for and usage of data analytics on campus.

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