2023 Survey of College and University Presidents

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How do college and university presidents view the current trends in higher education, and what are their predictions for the future?

In a survey of college and university presidents, Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research learned that, for the most part, leaders are confident in their institution's financial stability. They also found that, despite persistent staffing gaps in higher education, few presidents were overly worried about staff and faculty turnover.

Here is some other information the survey uncovered:

  • Despite the rise in online learning, fewer than 1 in 5 presidents said they were likely to reduce their campuses physical footprint.
  • More than 70% of campus leaders who expect their institutions to be less financially stable cite high labor costs and inflation as the reasons why.
  • 52% of respondents said they have instituted more flexible work policies.
  • Presidents attribute the increased demand for student mental health services to declining student resilience, among other things.

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IHE 2023 Survey of College and University Presidents

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